3D Animation

Take your project visualization to the next level with 3D animated renders that can include fully animated traffic, realistic buildings and an accurate representation of the project based on actual CAD files. Animations are especially effective for project websites, PowerPoint presentations, social media or local news broadcasts.

We can either develop birds-eye animations flying the length of the project or we can work with you to develop a script to best communicate your project and the features you would like to highlight. We can additionally add labels, overlay graphics and voiceover to make a professionally produced video.

Our artists specialize in creating realistic 3D worlds and typically start a project animation by modeling surrounding infrastructure including textured buildings, trees, billboards, lights and more. Terrain and aerial mapping are the canvas upon which we build this world and we can either use the high-quality mapping from the project or pull lower quality mapping from Google or other publicly available repositories.

We have worked with design documents ranging from napkin sketches to fully modeled OpenRoads 3D models and everything in between including AutoCAD, Navisworks, InRoads, Microstation, Revit and more. Our level of effort will depend on the level of design with sketches or 2D design files requiring more effort and with fully modeled 3D design files (feature lines, meshes, surfaces) requiring less effort for our team.

In addition to professional videos showing proposed transportation improvements, we can also develop animations showing construction phasing for contractors interested in showing their innovative approaches to building a project. These are especially popular for proposals or in-person interviews on CMAR and design-build projects where phasing is factored into the overall score that determines the award of the project.


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On a recent CMAR project (Boulder City Parkway) we developed phasing animations for a contractors proposal interview and after awarding said contractor with the $9 million project the agency mentioned that the phasing animation and innovative approach to visualization and public outreach is what ultimately made the difference in awarding the contract.

For most 3D animations we can also develop high quality image renders using the same 3D model at no additional charge.

For more information on how Civil FX can bring your project to life with 3D animation, email or call 702-329-9688. We can also set up a Skype meeting for real-time demonstrations of the technology and to answer any other questions you may have.

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