Civil FX Awarded Megagrant for Distracted Driving Outreach

In late 2019 we were informed that Civil FX has been awarded a Megagrant as part of Epic’s $100 Million Megagrants program launched earlier in the year. Epic recently announced that $13 Million has been awarded thus far and Civil FX is listed as one of the recipients.

Our talented team of 3D artists and software engineers will be utilizing this funding to develop a Simulator for Active Distracted Driving (SADD) specifically as a virtual reality (VR) experience. While there have been VR experiences developed as part of distracted driving outreach, this will be the first to be fully interactive with the purpose of public outreach. The user will be able to interact with the interior of the vehicle, drive the car and ‘play’ the game by focusing on driving rather than interacting with the various distractions (phone, coffee, radio…) in the car.

We are developing using the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) platform which is owned and developed by Epic. We will be developingĀ forĀ the Oculus Quest virtual reality platform as this will provide the greatest user base and flexibility as it is the most advanced and widely used all-in-one VR device to date.

SADD will be made freely available for anyone to download and use. Additionally, we will work to partner with safety awareness and other transportation groups to expand the outreach and get SADD into as many hands as possible. While we hope many users will utilize SADD within their own homes, we also hope to utilize outreach campaigns at conferences, schools and businesses as well.

Our focus is to inform, educate and make an impact on as many users as possible. We hope that each user will come away from the experience of using SADD with not only the determination to not drive distracted but also the knowledge and tools necessary to do so in an effective way.

Below is our original pitch video we included as part of our application. This video was developed before the launch of the Oculus Quest (which is a mobile platform with limited graphical capabilities) so while much of it still holds true, we won’t be able to make the environment as realistic as we typically do for our client 3D visualization services. We also likely won’t be able to make a non-VR version as the interactivity available by the Quest controllers will be vital to the use of the application.


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