What is Civil FX?
Civil FX is the intersection of civil engineering and special effects. It is the art of visualizing civil engineering design by modeling CAD data in 3D and rendering it into videos and images. Civil FX is a company that preforms 3D visualization services and also educates the world on the best methods for quality visualization.

What is 3D visualization?
3D visualization is the result of visually representing technical design. It has been very common in architecture for decades and is growing in popularity in the civil engineering industry (which is the focus of Civil FX). The end result is typically a rendered image or video that shows how a project will look when it is finished. Visualization is also sometimes called simulation, artist render, photomontage, 3D modeling and many other names that all refer to basically the same thing. 3D visualization or project visualization are the most appropriate terms.

Who started Civil FX?
Sam Lytle started Civil FX as a website first in the spring of 2014 while he was working for an engineering consulting firm in Las Vegas. In the summer of 2014 he left his job to pursue Civil FX full-time and has since that point. Sam has been passionate about 3D visualization for many years including most of his college and all of his professional experience. In the summer of 2014 he also received his engineering licence in civil engineering. While he doesn’t technically need to be a licensed engineer to provide 3D visualization services and training, this education and experience allows him to work with project managers and ensure quality and accuracy in the beautiful visualization he and his team creates.

Civil FX Studios is the team responsible for working with Sam to provide 3D visualization services for clients. While Sam is currently the only member of the team working on Civil FX full time, several other individuals help on specific tasks such as 3D modeling and marketing. The Civil FX team is distributed throughout the United States and is a virtual team most of the time.

What services does Civil FX Studios offer?
Civil FX Studios specializes in 3D visualization for transportation projects, construction phasing and legal right-of-way case visuals. The team uses design CAD data to model the projects in 3D and to create accurate and interesting visuals that can either be in picture or video form. Along with the final deliverables of animated videos and still renders, Civil FX is proud to offer an exceptional experience throughout the life of the project by utilizing real-time model viewing, cloud-managed files and various forms of communication and coordination including in person meetings, Skype or Google Hangout video calls as well as the more common phone calls and email.

How can I get a free quote for 3D visualization services for my project?
If you are interested in 3D visualization image and video render services for your project similar to what you see in our portfolio, simply email Sam directly at sam@civilfx.com with the following information:

What design files are already created and what software was used to create them?
The type of final video animation or still renders you are interested in (including the approximate length of video animation)
The size and scale of the project
The level of detail you are looking for
Using this information Sam can provide a rough cost estimate range for your project. If you would rather communicate with Sam directly about your project, feel free to call him directly at 702-503-3094.

Did Civil FX Studios create the images and videos on this website?
All of the video animations you see playing on Civil FX were created by Civil FX Studios either for clients, as part of training videos or as demonstrations. All of the videos and images in the portfolio section were also created by Civil FX Studios. The only rendered images throughout the site that might not be created by Civil FX are used occasionally in blog posts to illustrate a point. In these scenarios the original image credit is always given at the bottom of the post.

What is the difference between Civil FX Studios and Civil FX Nation?
Civil FX is a broad concept of combining civil engineering with special effects. Civil FX Studios is the practical application of these principles by our team preforming 3D visualization services directly with clients.

Civil FX Nation is the idea of sharing the best methods of creating premium 3D visualization with the world. The blog, podcast and other elements of the educational arm of Civil FX such as the Forum (coming soon) constitute Civil FX Nation. If you are passionate about learning how to take CAD data and visualize it in 3D and you want to be part of the Civil FX movement, you are in Civil FX Nation.

How can I learn more about 3D visualization in civil engineering?
While the current focus of Civil FX is to provide 3D visualization services to clients, we also maintain an active blog (2-3 posts per week) as well as a weekly podcast hosted by Sam. These blog posts and podcast episodes are the best way to learn how to create 3D visualization for civil and transportation projects.

What is FX Civil?
While Civil FX is approaching the special effects world from a civil engineering perspective, FX Civil is when we highlight video games, movies and other multimedia that are using special effects principles to make civil engineering features. The purpose is to hopefully entertain but also to explore what is possible in making our own 3D visualization look more lifelike, believable and interactive.

Why aren’t there very many other websites on 3D visualization in civil and transportation?
While there are thousands of individuals throughout the world working on 3D visualization in the civil and construction industries, very little information is freely shared online. Part of this is because it is such a new field. Part of this is because we can get bits and pieces from the architectural and special effects industries. Part of it is because no one has yet taken the initiative to make a single hub for 3D visualization in civil engineering. And finally, part of it is simply because specialty firms like Civil FX Studios are often in competitive markets and sharing too much information is time consuming and may even jeopardize proprietary information and workflows. While this is an understandable fear, we are very committed to sharing as much information as possible in the hopes of growing the entire industry together.

How can I connect with and follow Civil FX?
The best way to connect with Civil FX is to sign up for updates on the form which is visible any time you are on the blog. We send occasional updates to this list to inform you of the latest information or progress at Civil FX. You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or connect directly with Sam on LinkedIn. We also encourage you to subscribe to the Civil FX Podcast or to the RSS feed of the Blog.

Is this site owned and operated by Autodesk?
Absolutely not. Civil FX is independently owned and operated and has no affiliation with Autodesk or any other software or hardware company. This allows us to give you the best information regardless of the platform or software!

We hope you will make yourself at home and come back often!