Other Services

In addition to providing 3D visualization services, we can also provide value to your project or team in the following ways (click the links for demos):

  • Composited video (3D design or graphics overlain on video footage)
  • Aerial Drone Footage
  • Project Photography
  • Project website development
  • Project or product app development
  • Public meeting support
  • Project or team videos
  • 2D illustration or motion graphic animations
  • And more

If your project will need a Powerpoint presentation, that probably means that someone will be communicating it to others. We’ve found that this is typically a good indicator on whether a project needs visual services like what we provide at Civil FX.

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We’ve created simple 2D graphics for $500, city wide system to system interactive interchanges for $500,000 and everything in between. We can develop effective graphics or visuals for nearly any budget and our experience of over 100 successful projects delivered over the past 5 years has given us the experience necessary to bring any transportation or other infrastructure project to life.

We are the visual side of infrastructure.

For more information on how Civil FX can bring your transportation or other infrastructure project to life with 3D visualization or other visual services, email or call 702-329-9688. We can also set up a Skype meeting for real-time demonstrations of the technology and to answer any other questions you may have.

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