Photo Composited Renders

Photo composited renders have been a fundamental part of infrastructure visualization for several decades. These realistic representations of projects blend actual site photos with modeled and rendered 3D geometry of the proposed project. In a seamless composition, a photo composited render can accurately and affordably communicate design intent. The result also presents an effective before/after comparison of that specific view.

We’ve created hundreds of photo composited renders over the years for projects that have ranged from elevated expressways, complete streets, landscaping views, safety crosswalks, complicated interchanges, roundabouts, transmission towers and more. Many of the photo composited renders we’ve developed have been utilized at public meetings as large prints both in the before and after conditions so that members of the public and stakeholders can see the visual impact of the project quickly and effectively.

While fully animated or interactive visualization for major projects can take weeks or months, the first draft of many photo composited renders can be turned around in less than a week. Because of this, photo composited renders continue to be a mainstay for projects with smaller public outreach budgets or quick turnaround times. They are also an important piece of many effective proposal strategies.

For local projects (Las Vegas, Nevada) we often take the site photos with our own equipment, but we can also use client pictures as well. Photos taken with a DSLR camera on a tripod produce the best results.

For more information on how Civil FX can develop photo composited renders for your project, email or call 702-329-9688. We can also set up a Skype meeting for real-time demonstrations of the technology and to answer any other questions you may have.

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