Product Visualization

We can help product vendors, manufacturers or distributors develop accurate and attractive marketing materials by developing photo realistic renders, animations or interactive representations of their products. Some examples include:

  • MSE wall panels
  • Crosswalk safety equipment
  • Traffic signals
  • Utility boxes and components
  • Traffic control barrels, cones and other equipment
  • Underground utility products
  • Precast concrete components
  • Pre-manufactured restroom, storage and other buildings
  • Signage
  • Solar components
  • Utility cabinets and components
  • ITS devices
  • and more

To make the 3D models, we can take CAD drawings, 3D models, PDF sketches or other design documents to model and texture the products. Our artists will work carefully to accurately represent the design while working closely with the client with draft renders as well as any other coordination or questions.

After modeling, there are several options to visualize the products. You can opt for one of the following options (or all of the above).

The most basic would be to develop realistic image renders that can be used for websites, brochures, display banners or other marketing materials. We can additionally add text, labels, graphics or photo composite onto actual photos for added realism.

The next level is to create carefully crafted product animations. These can be used for a variety of purposes including showing detailed installation, demonstrating the product in action or even a nice component ‘explosion’ which can show many detailed parts.

For the ultimate in product visualization, we can develop interactive representations of your product that can be used for demonstrations or embedded directly into a web page. These can be a simple as a product that can be rotated in 3D space with labels and callouts or as complicated as a custom menu that allows switching between various options and products.

Because our team focuses exclusively on transportation and other infrastructure visualization, we have years of experience understanding the industry and ‘lingo’. We aren’t finished until the client is completely satisfied with the visuals developed.

If you think visualization like this might be useful for your product but aren’t sure how the process and final product will work, we can potentially model and visualize one of your more simple products at no cost. If you are satisfied with the results we can discuss and estimate to move forward visualizing more of your product lineup.   

For more information on how Civil FX can bring your product to life with visualization, email or call 702-329-9688. We can also set up a Skype meeting for real-time demonstrations of the technology and to answer any other questions you may have.

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