Distracted driver awareness for a new generation coming summer 2020

Fully Interactive

Drive, use your cell phone, change the radio station, roll down the windows and more in this fully interactive simulator that will be both engaging and educational about this important topic. 

Built for Quest

Built using Unreal Engine (UE4) exclusively for the Oculus Quest will allow more users to experience SADD and become educated on distracted driving. No PC or cumbersome cables- just put on the headset and experience SADD. 

Megagrant Recipient

SADD was selected as an Epic Megagrant Recipient which is funding the project so it will be free to all users to maximize exposure and make it available to as many individuals as possible. 



Our team of artists and software engineers set out a plan of how to make an experience that would be both engaging and impactful with levels designed to show how dangerous distracted driving is.


A simplified design allows for faster development and better performance on the Quest. It also puts the focus on the goal of the project- reduce crashes caused by distracted driving.


SADD will be launched in Q3 2020 and will be free in the Oculus Quest store to all users.

Sam and Wayne Talk about SADD