Virtual Reality, VR

See your project in a whole new way using Virtual Reality including virtual helicopter tours over your proposed project.

Visual Experiences Set Civil FX Apart

Visualization Studio: Using design files to develop accurate and attractive images and animations has long been the goal of visualization studios and engineering firms. While creating industry leading image and video renders is at the core of what we do at Civil FX, we are continually pushing the technology into new applications that we call visual experiences.

Visual experiences go beyond static images and set-path animations and into immersive worlds brought to life using cutting edge hardware. We first use the design data (GIS, CAD files and other detail drawings) to create an accurate and realistic 3D representation of the project and then add context to the project by adding existing buildings, billboards, trees and other contextual models. The result is an immersive world showing what the project location will look like upon completion from which many other visual experiences can be derived.

These experiences can serve as a way for your project to stand out and your project team to make a statement. Our clients have shared experiences of individuals turning from project opponents to advocates simply by participating in some of these visual experiences.

As a visualization studio, we are always developing new visual experiences. The following are some of the successful applications of the technology we have recently used in major transportation projects.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch Screen, Kiosk, Interactive Presentation

Allow users to navigate your project via our interactive touch-screen kiosks.

Our team of civil engineers and software developers can work to develop a custom interface that allows any user to navigate a project using a touch screen kiosk at the project office, public meeting or anywhere the public and stakeholders come to learn about the project. Using the interactive menu you can pick from a variety of static and dynamic camera paths, change the time of day and even switch between existing and proposed. See an interactive project in action here:

Large 4K TV

HD Presentation

We develop video renders in 4K definition for the ultimate viewing experience.

Standard definition televisions have 480 lines of pixels while high definition has 1080 lines. We can develop video renders in 4K which have 2160 lines of pixels or over 33 million total pixels. This is 4x the resolution of traditional high definition video and 16x the resolution of the standard definition video that was typical for visualization animations just a few years ago. As 4K televisions continue to drop in price, using the latest hardware along with a 4K render will give a crystal clear representation of your project in a way that will accurately communicate while also impressing your audience.

Virtual Reality Tours

VR, Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an extremely effecive way to communicate your project.

As virtual reality (VR) grows in popularity, many VR experiences end up being nothing more than a technology showcase. Our virtual tours put you in the set so that you can fly over or drive through your proposed project in a practical application of virtual reality. Experiencing projects using virtual helicopter tours have proven to be very effective for our clients in not only communicating their projects but also in building momentum and excitement for the project. You can see a recent helicopter tour through a 360 YouTube video here:

Driving Simulator

Show how your project will impact a daily commute via an interactive driving simulation.

As transportation projects strive to show the public how the project will impact their daily commute, an interactive simulation using an actual steering wheel can give an extraordinarily realistic experience for public offices and public meetings. You can see one we recently developed here:


Using our flexible process of development, we can create not only these visual experiences, but we can take your project and take the communication of your project as far as your vision.

You can see our visual experiences in action at a recent public meeting in this video developed by the client, the Nevada Department of Transportation