Virtual Reality

A virtual reality showing an infrastructure project in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Virtual Reality Introduction

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular as the VR technology continues to advance and become widely available. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and other devices are now inexpensive and easy to use by connecting directly to your phone.

Civil FX can help take your project to the next level by using interactive virtual reality.  Show every aspect of your upcoming project with an ultra high definition, virtual reality video.  This technology will give viewers the best way to experience exactly what you are trying to convey.  Civil FX has a lot of experience creating virtual reality for a wide variety of applications and projects such as; dams, hot springs, large infrastructure projects, road widening projects, monorail stations, buildings, helicopter tours and more.

Below you will find some of the virtual reality projects we have developed interactive presentations for.  Note that these use the Google Cardboard technology and are best viewed on your phone using a Google Cardboard headset.  They can also be viewed on a computer or phone by clicking and dragging the video to see various parts of the project.

Instructions for your headset:

  1. Assemble your Google Cardboard
    1.  How to assemble Google Cardboard (click here)
  2. Open one of the Civil FX 360 Demos below on your phone and open in YouTube
    1. Hoover Dam Observation Deck Concept
    2. Little Ash Hot Springs Concept
    3. Schaefer Ranch Development
    4. Las Vegas Monorail Station
    5. Arista Professional Office Space
    6. Project Neon Virtual Helicopter Tour
    7. Lake Tahoe SR-28 Shared Path Virtual Helicopter Tour
  3. Tap the Google Cardboard icon in the top right of YouTube on your smartphone
    1. cardboard-icon7e988c6e2ecb1739a816481b7695e80549d90fac787dce2e1549954a61d441d0_-original
  4. Tap the gear button in the bottom middle and scan your Google Cardboard barcode
  5. Place your smartphone into the Google Cardboard
  6. Enjoy!