CivilFX is currently working on graphics, visuals, virtual reality and infrastructure visualizations for Project Neon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CivilFX is the lead visual studio for graphics, renderings, virtual reality and infrastructure visualizations for Project Neon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Civil FX is a 3D visualization, animation and rendering studio located in the Las Vegas area with the capability to work on projects worldwide.  Some of our visualization services include animation renders, photo composites, virtual reality, and more. Our dedication to detail ensures you will receive high quality renderings for your project.  All of our visualizations are based on actual CAD data!  Below you will find some of the industries we service.

Transportation Projects

With federal, state and local governments seeing a surge in infrastructure funding, transportation projects are finally moving forward again. Civil FX can offer customized visuals for public outreach, design coordination or marketing.

Unique interchanges and intersections especially benefit from 3D visualization as a clean, attractive and accurate traffic animation can quickly communicate the complexities of any type of project including Diverging Diamonds (DDI), Single Point Urban Interchanges (SPUI) and System to System Interchanges.

Including 3D visualization as part of any proposal or project can make your firm or agency stand out in an ever competitive field as well as increasing public engagement and benefiting the design process.

Construction Phasing

The greatest value any contractor can add to any project is an innovative approach to phasing that can cut both costs and schedule. While some industries can use a simple image to demonstrate their product, construction phasing is best demonstrated with a video animation.

Civil FX can work with you to create a construction phasing animation that best demonstrates the unique approach you can offer to a project. These animations can provide incredible cost/benefit ratios as spending a few thousand dollars in the marketing phase of a project for an animation video can be the difference in winning a multi-million dollar contract.

In an industry where powerpoint phasing diagrams are acceptable, help your next proposal stand out with a photorealistic, fully rendered phasing or staging animation.

Civil FX Construction

Legal Right-Of-Way Visuals

Eminent domain cases often require extensive legal case development including detailed reports and courtroom presentations. Employing 3D visualization as part of your legal team’s strategy can make the difference in winning your case by helping communicate complicated designs to all stakeholders involved.

The Civil FX team will work with your legal experts from an early stage in the process by creating a 3D model of the project based on actual CAD files, survey data and engineering principles. This allows the team to have access to real-time navigation of the model as well as a variety of pictures and videos for specific needs in dynamic cases.

Engineering Concepts

Sometimes new or lesser-known concepts in civil engineering are best demonstrated with a simple diagram or animated video. These can include ideas in education, transportation planning or unique and new ways of building or designing structural components.

The Land Ferry Project, which is a joint research project between NDOT and UNLV, has utilized 3D visualization from an early stage to demonstrate this new concept which consists of a unique new method of onload/offload for a high speed rail system. An animation of only a few minutes has allowed the research staff to communicate this concept in a quick and effective method.

Other Services

The Civil FX Team can additionally provide visuals for you in the following areas:

  • Engineering Forensics
  • Urban Planning Visualization
  • Complete Streets Visuals
  • Environmental Improvements/Sustainable Energy Graphics
  • Solar Shading Analysis
  • Educational Graphics for Universities or High Schools
  • Driver Familiarity Studies
  • Property Boundary Graphics
  • Before/After Comparison
  • Line of Sight Studies
  • Marketing Visuals for Contractors
  • Graphics for Research Papers
  • Traffic Simulation Visualization

What Makes Civil FX Different?

  • First and only firm in located Nevada that specializes only in 3D visualization for civil projects
  • Team is able to work on projects anywhere in the world
  • Owner of Civil FX is a licensed civil engineer which ensures accuracy and use of engineering principles for model creation
  • Focus on client experience that includes real-time navigation of 3D project models and responsive communication
  • Complete project modeling that enables a nearly infinite number of images and videos to be rendered from nearly any perspective
  • Distributed team allows for lower costs to you and increased responsiveness
  • Diverse team allows the accuracy of engineering projects but also the creativity and visual attractiveness of special effects
  • We commit to respond to your inquiries within 24 hours and promise that you will work directly with those modeling and animating your project
  • Civil FX LLC is certified as an Emerging Small Business in Nevada.


Sam is an expert in his field; graphically and professional he was able to provide the rendering that depicted exactly what my client needed to see to understand the concept we were presenting. I will not hesitate using Sam next time I need a rendering for a proposal.”
James Moore, HydroArch

I have worked with Sam on several 3D visualization projects and have come to expect not only excellent results but a great experience for the team involved and for the client. His education and training are a perfect companion for his passion for the art of modeling and visualizing CAD and other civil and transportation designs. I look forward to continuing to know and work with Sam both professionally and personally.”
Nathan Ledbetter, Landscape Architect at HGOR

We were looking to explain a renovation concept for a hot springs park facility using a video animation and what Sam and Civil FX provided completely exceeded our expectations in every way. We are now confident that we can clearly and accurately communicate our vision with stake holders so that we can raise enough funds and awareness to reopen Little Ash Springs.”
Robin Rowley, President of Friends of Pahranagat Valley

“Lincoln County Power District (LCPD) needed to complete a sun study to determine the appropriate spacing between the solar arrays for an upcoming project. LCPD was impressed with how quickly and affordably Sam and the Civil FX team built the project based on our specifications. Sam was able to create a very appealing, realistic, virtual 3D animated overview of our solar project which LCPD intends to use in our public outreach efforts . We look forward to working with Civil FX on future phases of this and other projects.”
Kyle Donohue, Lincoln County Power District