02 – Intro to ProVis Software (Part 1)

Ever wonder what software is used for those cool traffic visualizations?

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Project visualization isn’t a software program, it is a process. More accurately, it is many processes – many of which haven’t even been developed yet.

That said, software is essential to take civil engineering data from design to modeled in 3D and then, finally to a rendered image or video. Most processes involve many different software programs and this episode dives into the ones I have used for visualization. I couldn’t fit them all in one episode so up next will be part two where I talk about the final four applications.

As always, please leave the ones I missed in the notes below!

The Civil FX Podcast – Intro to ProVis Software (Part 1)

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Image credit to Lumion user Jlnsvfx… awesome stuff! (modeled in 3ds Max and rendered in Lumion)