06 – Why You Should be Using InfraWorks

While there is (usually) no single software solution to a good visualization, I’ve been able to use InfraWorks to nearly pull off the feat. Not only is it a powerful application but Autodesk is committed to constantly improving it to better meet the demands of 3D modeling in a CAD world.

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If there is a single culprit for the change in my career from transportation to visualization, InfraWorks by Autodesk is mostly responsible. The first time I saw it I knew I could do some cool stuff with it and it was only a few months later before I had that opportunity. For my entire back story, check out the (very) first Civil FX episode.

In this episode of the podcast I discuss the benefits of InfraWorks including:

  • The ability to bridge the gap between CAD and 3D modeling
  • Real time navigation (it’s very speedy!)
  • Speed of modeling
  • Autodesk’s commitment to improve the software

I also touch on a few of the frustrating aspects of the application including:

  • No animation capabilities
  • Lacks detailing tools such as striping

I’ve logged hundreds of hours using InfraWorks over the past few years both professionally and in practice and, despite the shortcomings, it is typically my first option when a 3D visualization comes my way. If you have questions about InfraWorks, please email me sam (at) civilfx (dot) com. In the coming months I plan on preparing detailed tutorials and other training guides specifically aimed at InfraWorks. Also note that I didn’t touch on the newer features including the iPad app and the roadway module. I’ll cover those in an upcoming podcast!

Why You Should Be Using InfraWorks

Image credit… this one is me! (I started with Microstation data)