17 – Every Civil Engineer Should Know Sketchup

While a scalpel to a doctor may be like CAD or Excel to a civil engineer, Sketchup is like the computer aided surgery machine- not everyone uses it yet, but they should be and they will someday. Bad analogies aside, there are few excuses as to why you aren’t using Sketchup for your design work. 3D visualization is the ultimate form of communication in design and Sketchup is the easiest 3D visualization tool.

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Civil FX Studios Update

  • Finishing first large job, starting second.
  • Have several other projects in the works that could be even bigger.
  • Connecting with others I know in the industry, offering value.
  • Testing outsourcing. Outsourcing 3D modeling has been great so far. 

Every Civil Engineer Should Know Sketchup

  • Sketchup is the number one most common tool that I use.
  • Story of boom lift while constructing parents house.
  • It isn’t the most powerful, nor the most engineering focused but it is quick, easy and nearly universal.
  • It was the first true 3D modeling software I learned and I still use it nearly every day.
  • You don’t have to be an expert (I’m definitely not, but probably better than average) but you should be comfortable.
  • 3D visualization is communication and Sketchup is the easiest form of 3D visualization
  • Is used by many different industries including architecture, construction, interior design, product design, 3D printing and civil engineering… just to name a few.
  • If you are striving to  grow 3D visualization where you work, Sketchup is the cheapest and easiest way to get started.
  • Sketchup is the gateway drug. 

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