18 – BIM, VDC and Viz – The Big 3 of 3D

I should probably talk about BIM more. Not only is it a buzzword in the industry that would likely get this site more traffic, it is an important movement in the design and construction of projects in the years ahead. While I am much more passionate about 3D visualization than BIM or VDC, join me in this episode as I talk about what these new industry terms are and why we all need to pay attention to them.

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What is BIM? 

  • Building Information Modeling
  • A ‘smart’ model
  • Often has a database linked to 3D elements
  • Can be thought of as ‘building the project (virtually) before you build the project (physically)’.
  • Commonly created with software such as Revit Architecture, Navisworks, Civil 3D and similar
  • Is most often used in architectural or ‘vertical’ projects
  • Civil Information Modeling (CIM) is a newer buzz word and is the horizontal version of BIM
  • CIM is gaining some traction with software such as InfraWorks, but still lacking cohesion and years behind BIM 

What is VDC? 

  • Virtual Design and Construction
  • There is some ambiguity on the difference between BIM and VDC
  • To me, VDC usually adds additional dimensions to BIM that include time and money (think, construction phasing and budget)
  • Can be thought of as ‘building the project in the same way as it will be built before you build the project’ 

How 3D Visualization Relates to BIM and VDC 

  • 3D visualization for projects makes up for the lack of BIM and VDC
  • 3D visualization in architecture is a much more straight forward process because the strucutres are typically already modeled in 3D
  • The problem with CAD 

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