35 – Know Your Audience

The visualizations we create are not only for the client but also for the end audience that will see the work we do.

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Civil FX Updates

  • Visualization challenge update… 6 more days to go!
  • Just finished a product recommendation pageĀ www.civilfx.com/resources
  • Excited about the new year and grateful to hear from so many of you via email, twitter and text.
Know Your Audience
  • There is a wide variety in potential clients that could benefit from 3D visualization
  • Most often they have an engineering background but they may also be attorneys, contractors, architects, politicians, private developers or many other professions
  • But the client is only a small part of the audience as there will usually be many more who will see the final version of your videos or images
  • By knowing who the final renders will be viewed by and understanding their needs and background, you will be helping the client
  • Be deliberate about knowing who the final audience will be before you really get into the project so you can cater it to them
  • Ask the client who is the audience and what will be important to them
  • Lytle Hill story
  • Little Ash story
  • Land Ferry story
Questions to ask
  • Will the audience be large or small?
  • Will the audience be public or private?
  • Will the audience be professionals in a work environment or the public in general?
  • Will the audience be technical or non-technical?
  • Will the audience be familiar with the area?
  • Does this project have positive or negative press?

Image Credit: www.dollarphotoclub.com

One thought on “35 – Know Your Audience

  1. Adam 9 years ago

    Knowing your audience is definitely Key. I recently completed a project which ran way over on man hours (covered internally at no expense to the client) doing the project “right” and the client really didn’t care to have the project completed to the degree that it was done. I explained that in the long run things would be better and they agreed but ultimately the benefit my client saw was was never impacted by the extra effort due to their interpretation of what the product would look like.

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