41 – What is a Composite Render?

One of the fastest ways to a good visualization may be combining a real photograph with a 3D render.

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Civil FX Updates

  • Recently finished a freeway overpass alternative and the client allowed me to add it to my portfolio which you can see at www.civilfx.com
  • You can see the submissions for the 2nd visualization challenge at www.civilfx.com/vc2
  • Considering doing away with the visualization challenge deadlines… what do you think? Email me sam@civilfx.com
  • The Civil FX content schedule is consistent: original blog post on Monday, podcast on Wednesday, weekly roundup on Friday
What is a Composite Render?
  • As with many things in our industry, photomatch goes by several names including photo montage, photo render, composite photo, artists concept… and so on
  • It involves the process of combining an actual still photograph with a 3D render using image manipulation software like Photoshop
  • It is comparable to compositing in the special effects industry except we are only discussing still images and compositing is actual footage with 3D rendered footage
  • Often the client will already have the image taken
  • You will need to model the project based on the CAD data and then set up the camera to match the image from the client
  • You then render the project (hopefully including the gamma or invisible elements) and then add it to the image using Photoshop or other
The second visualization challenge was a Composite Render
  • I found a creative commons picture of a river
  • I designed a bridge that could theoretically span the river
  • Those who participated modeled the bridge, rendered it and then added it to the picture
  • Breakdown of the participants