46 – How to Market 3D Visualization

If you can’t market your product, you won’t be in business very long.

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Marketing 3D Visualization
  • Rich dad, poor dad story
  • If you don’t have paying projects you won’t be doing visualization for very long
  • Sales is part of this job and if you love what you do it won’t feel like selling
Basics of Marketing
  • Active vs passive marketing
  • Finding clients using connections
  • Finding clients using projects
  • Finding clients using networking
  • Finding work using a website, social media, SEO
In Person Presentations
  • The best way to make connections and win work is to get into offices
  • Formal vs informal
  • What do you share, what don’t you share?
  • What is the goal of these meetings?
The Process
  • When you have a lead it doesn’t mean you have a project
  • Marketing board
  • An estimate or quote is usually the first part of the process
  • Sometimes a more formal proposal is needed
  • When the client says you have the job you need to request the data
  • How to get paid- half up front, invoice throughout or pay when complete?