BitSquid with 3ds Max – You Need To See This

Many things were discussed and revealed at Autodesk University last week, only a certain percentage of which were directly related to 3D visualization in Civil Engineering.

However, this demonstration on how a recent acquisition by Autodesk, BitSquid will be integrated into 3ds Max for real-time navigation (game engine time stuff) is truly fascinating, especially for our industry. I’ve believed that real-time is the direction our industry is going for a few years now and this shows how that future will look.

Some of this presentation is a bit technical and the results aren’t even near competing engines like Unity or Unreal, but the general takeaway and the fact that Autodesk is integrating this technology into 3ds Max with BitSquid is very interesting and exciting.

This is the description of the presentation from Autodesk and the embedded video is below (or click here to original link):

“Discover how real-time game engine technology can help you to develop rapid workflows for real-time visualization, enabling you to iterate your designs more swiftly and efficiently. In this class you will learn how to use Autodesk, Inc.’s, BitSquid real-time engine to interactively explore and communicate your design intent. Your experience will be far more compelling and understandable when you use a real-time engine to switch between variations of interior designs, or when you use it to experience the build-up process of a bridge, an oil rig, or a hotel. In this class you’ll learn how to set up your construction data inside of 3ds Max software in order to create a data set that can be explored and lit directly in the game engine. To underline the power of using BitSquid engine for real-time visualization, we will use a data set to simulate evacuation procedures in case of catastrophic events such as fire or explosion.”