How 3D Graphics Can Help your Project Proposal

3D Graphics for Alternative Delivery Projects

While 3D visualization has grown significantly over the past decade or so for a variety of reasons, the increase in alternative delivery methods on large infrastructure projects has actually been one of the biggest drivers 3D viz work for Civil FX. Both Design-Build and CMAR (Construction Manager At Risk) projects have become popular in Nevada and the way these projects are awarded often requires in-person interviews. More and more contractors and senior engineers have realized that a concise, clear animation can make the difference in communicating their design intent and, in turn, winning the job.

The return on investment for visualization on a project proposal is significant. Imagine spending less than $10k in some situations to win a job worth more than $10 million. Of course there are many other costs associated with winning that job, but adding visualization can be at a low cost for how much it can set apart a team in these types of alternative delivery projects.

This is just one of the ways that the lowered cost of 3D visualization in transportation and other infrastructure projects will turn into more 3D work for more firms. No longer are only the biggest jobs getting the visualization treatment. In consideration of 3D graphics for project proposals, sometimes a project will have several firms creating visuals for the same project. So now, instead of a handful of projects needing visualization one time for public presentations, many projects now need visualization- sometimes many times- and the demand for quality, accurate visualization has never been higher.

Even Design-Bid-Build Projects Need 3D Graphics

The more traditional method of infrastructure project being delivered is design-bid-build. Because these projects are typically awarded on a low-bid basis, the construction phasing isn’t important and contractors can’t really see the benefit of showing how they will phase the project using an animation. Additionally, the project has already been designed when it is put out to bid so engineers aren’t really interested.

Still, design-bid-build projects can and have seen huge benefits from 3D visualization. The public outreach is the most common, but many design firms are implementing visualization from an early phase for a variety of other benefits including line of site analysis, sun studies and up to 50 other reasons.

In short, some projects will benefit from 3D graphics and visualization more than others, but I would argue that every infrastructure project stands to see huge benefits from adding visualization early and often to the entire engineering process.

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