09 – The Adobe Suite+

This is the final installment of the (initial) software series on the Civil FX Podcast before we jump into more in depth, actionable content starting next week. While 3D modeling and CAD software is essential, in this episode we touch on a few programs that you will need if you want to take your visualization to the highest level possible.

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Photoshop has become a ubiquitous verb in the past decade or so, but the actual software can be very handy in making polished 3D models and beautiful final renders. It is just one of the several programs you may use throughout the visualization process created by Adobe which also includes Premier Pro and After Effects.

While these are very popular and professional programs (I will admit I haven’t used them much, if at all) there are alternatives that will also probably give you the results you want for a fraction of the cost, or even free (that I have used).  My favorite photo editing software is called GIMP and it is completely free. For video I often use Microsoft Movie Maker which often comes with new versions of Windows for no additional cost.

If you want a more comprehensive list of software you will need for 3D visualization, check out this recent post I wrote.

I also discussed www.mapmart.com which is an online location where you can buy surface and imagery. They did me well so I recommend them if you have it in your budget.

This is the location of ArcGIS home page (they are made by ESRi)

Image credit to Shaddy Shafidi