Where to Go for InfraWorks Training and Information

When I first dove into InfraWorks nearly three years ago (it was called InfraStructure Modeler at the time) I felt totally alone. No one in my building had ever heard of the product and it seemed like the Internet wasn’t much further along. There were no blogs, very little forum information and no training tutorials.

While there still isn’t an overload of information today like there is for Sketchup or 3ds Max, there has been a significant uptick in quality sources of InfraWorks information. While I plan on getting Civil FX to the top of this list eventually (I’m only two months into this project, give me a break!), the links below are the best sources currently for InfraWorks content.

As always, add your own favorite IW links in the comments.

The Official InfraWorks Forums

Not every ‘official’ forum ends up being the most widely used for a particular product or purpose, but this isn’t the case with InfraWorks. The official InfraWorks forum has become the go to for both the asking and answering of questions. While I recommend soaking up as much information as possible, remember that the more you give the more you will get out of the experience so share away!

Eric Chappell’s Blog

On this blog, Eric shares what he has been learning in InfraWorks and Civil 3D. He is an employee of Autodesk (makers of IW) so he likely has insiders information. I don’t know much more about Eric other than that but am thinking that he would be an excellent interview on the Civil FX podcast in the coming weeks or months.


This was formerly known as ‘At Land’s End’ but has recently switched to BIMagination. This is yet another Autodesk effort on informing the public about InfraWorks and related software. This is where you will find the latest information about IW version updates and new features.

InfraWorks 360 YouTube Channel

If you are looking for How-To videos specifically telling you how to preform functions within IW, there is probably no better location than the official YouTube channel. Sure, there aren’t hour long training videos like you can find for most other 3D modeling software programs, but the short videos provided actually are helpful.

Well… when I started this post I was sure I would come up with many sources of InfraWorks content- specifically from IW users not directly connected to Autodesk. I was wrong. All four links above are directly from the mothership. There still just isn’t very much in the way of quality InfraWorks training online. Again, if you can find some good IW information not directly from Autodesk, feel free to share below.

Image credit: This was from my first ever IW model!