20 – Dan Deery with Siscin 3D Visualization and Animation

It was my honor to interview Dan Deery who owns and operates a 3D visualization studio that focuses on civil type projects, similar to Civil FX Studios. 

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I’m excited to announce my first interview on the Civil FX Podcast! It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Dan on 3D visualization growing in the coming years, BIM, game engines and challenges that we face in 3D visualization that architects typically do not. I’m working on getting a better internet connection so that I won’t have so many issues in the future, but hopefully the quality is good enough to get a sense of who Dan is and how passionate and expert he is in this field.

Dan Deery is a 3D visualization expert and owner of Siscin which is located in Western Ireland (and soon the UK!). Siscin is a 3d animation studio that specializes in engineering and architectural projects in infrastructure, especially road, rail and waterways. They also offer BIM consultancy services to help companies integrate BIM into their organization as well as training in BIM and other 3D modeling and animating software. While their projects include small and large national projects in Ireland, Siscin also works internationally in other countries such as the UK, Norway, France, Switzerland and Nigeria.

I encourage you to visit his website:


And reach out to him directly if you need help with 3D visualization and BIM services or training in the Europe and UK areas. I’ve also directly embedded his demo reel below.

dan [at] siscin.ie

Please let me know if you enjoyed this interview format. I won’t be doing it every episode, but I think there is a ton of value to be taken from others who are doing the same types of visualization and animation as we do at Civil FX.