24 – The Top 5 Challenges for 3D Visualization in Civil Engineering

3D visualization in civil engineering sure is easy, isn’t it? Okay, so probably not. It can be incredibly fun and fulfilling but with that comes certain challenges. In this episode I discuss the top 5 challenges we face for 3D visualization in civil engineering related projects, especially in consideration of our closest cousin, architectural visualization.

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Challenges for 3D Visualization in Civil Engineering

  • Architectural visualization (which I just learned is called ArchViz) is years ahead of civil visualization, mostly because there are less variables
  • 3D modeling is just more complicated for civil projects. Specifically, here are the top five reasons why it is more challenging
  1. Everything isn’t flat. In fact, almost nothing is flat!
  2. Projects are often very large and require animated traffic
  3. Trees, vegetation and other foliage are more important
  4. We don’t great tools yet
  5. Our clients are quite used to it