25 – The State of the Nation Fall 2014

I strongly believe there are no rules to podcasting. For that reason, I can make up my own rules, right? The State of the Nation is a podcast episode I will do every 25 episodes as an opportunity to step back and see where we are, where we came from and where we are going. I also give a shout out to those of you who have made this show possible and give you my picks of the best episodes in the past 25.

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The State of the Nation

  • Every 25 episodes I am going to have a ‘State of the Nation’ where I discuss where Civil FX is and where it is going
  • This is also my opportunity to re-evaluate this podcast and the entire platform
  • This can include mixing up the format, changing the music or just leaving it all as it is
  • This is also an opportunity for me to pull back the curtain so that you can learn from my actions and mistakes
The State of the Nation Fall 2014
  • One thing that drives me crazy about podcasters is that everyone is trying to copy everyone else
  • I strongly believe that there are no rules to podcasts- I can be creative and develop a format that works for me and best serves you
  • The podcast is growing quickly, as is the website.
  • Those numbers aren’t great for mainstream platforms, but I’m very excited about how many of you are tuning in to this very niche podcast and how fast it is growing
Civil FX Studios Update
  • The past three months have been some of the most fulfilling of my life
  • There have been challenges and fears, but I am going to stick with this, even if times get tough
  • The biggest challenge hasn’t been finding potential clients and jobs, it has been being flexible with long term schedules
Next up for Civil FX Nation
  • Civil FX Nation is what I call my larger efforts to reach out, organize and inform the world about 3D visualization in civil engineering
  • If you haven’t been to the LinkedIn group, I encourage you to join us and the conversations www.civilfx.com/linkedingroup
  • Within the next few months we will be doing the first visualization challenge and the LinkedIn Group will be the central communication hub for that
  • I invite you to go to Civilfx.com and look at all of the links under Connect on the Menu- that is the best way to be involved in Civil FX
  • That includes the common social media sites as well as Udemy, mailing list and more
  • I’m going to be more active on the mailing list which will be several updates per month
Special Thanks for the first 25 Episodes of  this Podcast (I’m only going to give last names for those I feel comfortable giving out)
  • Joseph H
  • Rafael Lopez
  • Cody P
  • Mark F
  • David F
  • Willy C
  • Dan Deery
  • Robert Cochran
  • Jeff T
  • Jerry K
  • Simon C
  • Joel G
  • Nich F
  • David R
  • Adam (text)
  • Vimesh A
Must Listen to Episodes
We Need to Start Commenting on the Website
  • No one is commenting on the website and its my fault
  • I know you have stuff to say because of the emails, texts and LinkedIn Group
  • No one is commenting because no one is commenting so we need to  get it jump started
  • I am going to give two $10 Amazon gift cards to whoever participates in this small competition
  • To participate you need to do two things
  • The first is to get on the mailing list
  • The second is to comment on two different posts on civilfx.com
  • I am going to track every comment everyone leaves for the next two weeks
  • I will announce the winner on Friday, November 14 on the mailing list and podcast
I can’t wait for the next 25 episodes and I hope you will join me for every single one

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  1. Sam Lytle 10 years ago

    Just wondering who else made it to the end of this episode?

    1. mark foster 10 years ago

      I did. Love hearing your story. I hope your family is doing well!

  2. Nicholas Falvey 10 years ago

    Thanks for the shout out sam! I’m glad you’ve put the website and forums together. I can’t wait for the project challenge and the opportunity to see what others are doing in this space.

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