26 – Creating a 3D Visualization Roadmap for your Organization

If your organization sees the benefits of 3D visualization but haven’t formally created a strategy, maybe it is time for you to consider a 3D Visualization Roadmap. In this episode I discuss why it is important to have a written plan for your 3D visualization efforts and how to make that happen.

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To download a sample 3D Visualization Roadmap for free, click here.

 Creating a 3D Visualization Roadmap for your Organization
  • I thought 3D visualization was only in two camps
  • Finding out about the third and want to try to give resources to help
  • The third group is those who work at a firm and want to organize or coordinate thier 3D visualization efforts
  • I’ve been involved in trying to organize 3D visualization efforts for three different organizations
 Tips for having a clear direction in 3D visualization for your organization
  1. Determining the need/demand
  2. Making an outline
  3. Having a workshop
  4. Assigning a champion(s)
  5. Constant followup

Image credit: Charles Nadeau