39 – 3D Laser Scanning for Highly Accurate Visualization

3D laser scanning for use with 3D modeling and visualization is possibly the most accurate form of visualization today.

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Laser Scanning for Highly Accurate Visualization
  • What is laser scan technology?
  • How does it work?
  • What industries is it used in?
  • Why do we want it for civil projects?
  • The three different types of mounted scanning devices
Processing Data
  • Data capture is the first step
  • The data is represented by a ‘point cloud’
  • The point cloud has no real geometry
  • You have to model around the point cloud data by bringing the points into a modeling program
  • Recap and Cloudworx are two of the programs available to help with point cloud modeling and presentation
Final Thoughts
  • While laser scanning can replace survey in certain situations, the visualization will still be representative at this point
  • If photoscan technology gets good enough then there won’t be any real need for laser scan because it is much cheaper to take pictures
  • This isn’t the most efficient method of capturing data for modeling