44 – Moving Beyond CAD

Introducing a new name and look for the podcast!

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This is going to be a special episode where I discuss a new name and look for this podcast. This change isn’t as much about changing the direction of what was formerly known as the Civil FX Podcast. Rather, this change is about broadening the definition of what this podcast can be.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that this new approach to this podcast will allow me to explore topics that may not be exactly related to 3D visualization. There are so many related fields and topics that I haven’t felt comfortable exploring because the Civil FX Podcast was so tightly defined.

The second reason is because I want to reach a wider audience. The more I have thought about it, the more I have realized that the Civil FX Podcast probably wasn’t very self explanatory. There are also many who may not be on the path of a civil engineer that are also interested in these topics such as draftsmen, GIS operators, contractors, artists, and those in the video game and movie industry.

This podcast will still contain my journey as I experience the highs and the lows of starting a 3D visualization studio and I may even get more into the business side of what I do more than I did before.

Welcome to Beyond CAD a Civil FX Podcast

“This is Beyond CAD, a show discussing the future of engineering and construction including 3D visualization, building information modeling, UAVs and Drones, virtual reality, real-time game engines and more. This is also the story of how I moved beyond CAD and started Civil FX, a company that provides 3D visualization and other services for transportation, construction and other civil engineering projects.” -New Show Intro

Why didn’t I name this the CAD and Beyond Podcast? Well, then I would have to talk about CAD and I don’t really want to do that. I chose Beyond CAD because I want to explore the world that is involved in engineering and design but beyond the CAD process and into all of the other multimedia possibilities you can take a project. This will also include how this industry evolves in the future including things like virtual and augmented reality, holographic projection, aerial drones, laser scanning, real-time navigation of projects and more.

In short, if there is technology that can improve large infrastructure projects, we will be talking about it on this podcast. For now, 3D visualization will still probably be the #1 topic because I am so passionate about it and it is what I do every day, but I want Beyond CAD to evolve organically over the coming months and years as the industry evolves.

Stay tuned,