43 – Let’s Talk Video Editing

Video editing is where it all comes together.

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Civil FX Updates
  • I’ve formed a Civil FX research team and we work to find new workflows, we are especially interested in how to integrate various game engines into the CAD/visualization world
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The role of video editing in 3D visualization
  • The 4th step of 3D visualization
  • It is possible to do a good enough render that no post-processing is necessary
  • Usually you will want to do some video editing, however
  • Gives you final control over your creation
  • You can add titles, transitions, crop out, combine videos, speed up and slow down
  • You can also sometimes fix errors caused by a bad render that would take a long time to re-render
Video Editing Products
Video Editing Tricks
  • Always, ALWAYS save your video edit file as you will likely come back to it to make changes
  • Watch and learn from the pros on what makes a video look professional
  • Avoid using stock intros, music or silly transitions or 3D text
  • Simple is almost always better- the fade or NONE transition are my personal favorites
  • I’ve been messing with speeding up and slowing down and I like how the videos turn out (learned from People are Awesome)
  • Always shoot for 1080 video but 720 is sometimes okay, especially for drafts
  • Test different export formats to see how it affects file size and compatibility with software and websites
  • When possible add your splash screen or watermark but make sure your client is okay with it