Case Study: The Lytle Reservoir Concept 3D Visualization

Sometimes your client is a senior project manager for a major government agency and sometimes your client is you… dad. Okay, so my dad didn’t actually pay for this video to be created and he didn’t even ask me to do it. Rather, I wanted to practice the InfraWorks to Lumion workflow as well as test out some Lumion 5 features so I decided to attempt to extract a vision my dad has always had for his property which just happens to be the hill I grew up on.

Because the property is shaped like a basin he has wondered what it would look like if the basin were dammed and a reservoir were formed as a result. Well, this is what it would look like. This was my first reservoir or dam animation so I enjoyed this deviation from the usual transportation or construction 3D animations I have been doing lately.

Side note: I am from Nevada and realize that this brings particular challenges in visualization as my work tends to be in deserty areas. The few non-desert areas have been exciting for me as I prefer the green and beauty to the brown and dry. That said, I hope to always to do the best with whatever project I am working on, regardless of how exciting the area or project. Also, it was very interesting when I shared this video with my Facebook friends, many of who know this area very well to see how many of them appreciated seeing my dads vision visualized in 3D.

What is something you have envisioned that you would love to see extracted with 3D visualization? Let us know in the comments!

Without further adieu, the Lytle Reservoir.

One thought on “Case Study: The Lytle Reservoir Concept 3D Visualization

  1. Nick 8 years ago

    I must check out lumion sam. I’ve always wanted to do my house and land so I can make virtual changes to it to see what it looks.

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