Civil FX is Innovating… Says a Rocket Scientist

I’ve said several times before- both here and on the podcast– that perhaps my favorite part of this Civil FX adventure has been the amazing individuals it has allowed me to connect with. So many of you have reached out to me with questions, comments or even support. This communication has come in the form of email, LinkedIn message, blog comments, phone calls or even text messages.

It is even more special when someone reaches out via their own platform. Brett Hoffstadt is an author, blogger and entrepreneur.

Oh, and he’s a rocket scientist.

Brett just wrote a piece on his website Engineer Your Innovation titled “Five Innovation Tactics from Sam who Combines the Art of 3D Visualization with Civil Engineering” where he breaks down the process I have gone through to leave an engineering firm to start Civil FX… all while supporting a family of five.

While it is probably more fascinating to me than to most, those of you who mention that you like hearing the back story behind Civil FX will probably enjoy Brett’s unique perspective as he also spent considerable time in both the engineering and entrepreneurial spaces.

Make sure to connect with Brett as he is creating exceptional content in marketing, business and engineering. You can connect with him on Twitter @BrettRocketSci

Read his full post about Civil FX here.

One thought on “Civil FX is Innovating… Says a Rocket Scientist

  1. Brett Hoffstadt 7 years ago

    Thanks for the shout out Sam! I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s very inspiring and fortunate to know you too. There are still many exciting and unique problems to solve in engineering. The right attitude and skills can turn them into opportunities looking for an innovative solution. The more engineers we can find and support who want to do that, all the better! Keep up the pioneering work with 3D graphics and animation in the civil engineering field.

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