Join the Civil FX Group on LinkedIn!

I’ve mentioned on the podcast and the mailing list that it has been a goal of mine to create a forum on Civil FX where we can join and network together around our common interest of 3D visualization in civil engineering. I’ve also had several of you email or message me mentioning similar interest.

Pulling off a forum is no easy feat. I have tried it several times on another endeavor with very little success. The timing and medium by which we could meet and interact are very important and I didn’t want to get it wrong.

But even in consideration of the challenges of forming this kind of group, I have finally decided that it is time. I passed on a website forum or Facebook group and have decided on a LinkedIn group. So far the response has been great and I am formally inviting you to join the group and help grow this community. You can request to join at the link below:

You do have to have LinkedIn account but I think that most in our industry do, so hopefully this isn’t a limiting factor.

My hope for the Civil FX group on LinkedIn is first and foremost for connecting and networking with like-minded individuals. However, I also hope that we can share success stories, job openings, practical tips and training as well as answer each others technical questions.

If this sounds like something that would help you, I hope you will join the group and make sure to introduce yourself!