We Need to Appreciate Autodesk

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m testing out different methods of sharing content including original posts on LinkedIn. I wrote this post as I have had meetings with several folks that are in town for Autodesk University this week and have been thinking about the role Autodesk plays in our industry. Following is an excerpt and you can click through to the complete post on LinkedIn at the bottom.

Right now, about a hundred miles away from where I sit, thousands are meeting from around the globe to become more educated in essential software in a variety of industries, learn about upcoming features to the tools they use every day and to drink the kool-aid discover what third-party software has now become second-party software.

Ah, Autodesk University.

It seems like there are few topics in the many industries that the Autodesk software spans that are as polarizing as Autodesk. Even Autodesk University will elicit passionate responses from anyone who knows what it is. Reactions range from “With all of the training and connections I get through AU I can’t afford to miss it!” to “Why would I spend thousands to sit through three days of training that is mostly available…

Appreciating Autodesk on LinkedIn

Image Credit to www.dollarphotoclub.com