CFX Podcast 00 – My Story

This is my origin story. It tells of how I found my niche in civil engineering.

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The Civil FX Podcast is here! I have been looking and working towards this for a while now and am excited for where this podcast is going to go.

In short, I’m pumped.

This podcast is the next phase in the Civil FX roll-out that has already included this website/blog, the Facebook page and the Google + page with more to come soon. While the entire Civil FX brand is about the art of visualizing civil engineering design, each medium (social media, blog, podcast…) will deliver that message in a slightly different way. The podcast is where I will be able to share everything I have learned about 3D/project visualization while also bringing in interesting guests to (greatly) expand my knowledge.

This episode covers my journey into engineering which eventually led me to visualizing civil engineering projects, mostly using Infrastructure Modeler which later became InfraWorks (Autodesk). It has been an exciting ride thus far but I have a feeling that it is just getting started!

I hope you will subscribe to this podcast on iTunes (and everywhere else) and honest reviews are always welcome!

Episode 00 Notes

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