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04 – ProVis Philosophy

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s talk about the bigger picture stuff. These are a few things I have learned that can make the difference between a pixel perfect visualization and a poor quality visualization that breaks the budget.

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Most of what I have learned about project visualization has been through experience although I am learning more and more by talking to others and also studying online. I’ve started to see a few general trends- tricks of the trade- that if followed will help any project get the most bang for the buck.

In the 4th episode of the Civil FX Podcast I discuss the philosophy behind quality project visualization (provis). Specifically, I cover:

  • Areas of Focus
  • Handling client expectations
  • Assembling vs Modeling
  • Meeting specifications
  • Involving clients in the process

More philosophy will be covered in future episodes, but these are the big ones!

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Image credit to Industrial 3D (pretty sweet stuff if you ask me)