32 – The Third Step of 3D Visualization: Visualization

The 4 steps of 3D Visualization is a simple framework I created to help explain the visualization process and is fundamental to understanding what goes into the animations and renderings created for civil engineering projects. This is the third in a four part series that will break down this four step process.

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The Third Step of 3D Visualization: Visualization
  • The show notes for this episode of the podcast can be found at www.civilfx.com/32
  • Band analogy
  • For me, visualization is the most fulfilling part of the process
  • Visualization could be separated into smaller steps but they are usually done around the same time and in the same program so I lump them together
  • Parts of the visualization stage include:
    • Texturing
    • Vegetation
    • People and Vehicles
    • Animation
    • Rendering
  • Visualization can be done in a program like Lumion like I have been doing lately or it can be done in conjunction with the modeling step in a program like 3ds Max
  • Sometimes programs bypass the visualization step using something like Sketchup or InfraWorks screen capture but you will want full visualization and rendering for best results


Image credit: Dollar Photo Club