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38 – The Limitations of Lumion

We love Lumion here at Civil FX Studios. That doesn’t mean it is perfect, however.

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  • Thinking of bringing more interviews on the podcast because they are more interesting than me, maybe either a happy visualization client or someone that knows about drones
Lumion isn’t for Everyone
  • Much has been said about Lumion on this podcast and elsewhere online
  • It is because it solves so many problems
  • Lumion has an uncanny ability to make 3D models look gorgeous in a very easy way
  • But the more I hear about Lumion the more I am afraid that people and firms are jumping on the Lumion bandwagon for the wrong reasons
  • In the 4 steps of 3D visualization, Lumion sits happily in the third step with just a little overlap in the 2nd and 4th step
  • Other software programs like Civil 3D, 3ds Max or InfraWorks have site modeling (based on CAD data) functionality
  • Lumion doesn’t replace site modeling functionality
  • You still need to do most of the modeling outside of Lumion
  • If you don’t have a good workflow for modeling already then Lumion isn’t going to do you much good
Other Lumion Limitations
  • Lumion will only get you about 90% of the way to the best visualization possible
  • For most this is okay, but other software such as 3ds Max will theoretically deliver better results
  • Lumion also doesn’t have an open SDK so things like bringing in traffic simulation data isn’t currently possible
  • Because of the closed SDK you also can’t write your own toolbars or other scripts
  • You also can’t use an external render farm
  • You also have to have a computer with a dedicated graphics card (no Surface Pro 3)
  • The price is low for large companies but still high for individuals and small firms

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    Thanks. Really timely and helpful as we debate pulling the trigger on a Lumion License.

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