42 – How to Deliver 3D Visualization (and the 3rd Deliverable)

When the project is done, the files need to be delivered.

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Civil FX Updates

  • The 3rd visualization challenge starts next Monday www.civilfx.com/vc
  • I’m releasing several new videos each month on YouTube so if you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel www.civilfx.com/youtube
  • Have been doing some solar study work for a local power company which you can see on YouTube
How to Deliver 3D Visualization
  • This is probably my favorite part of 3D visualization
  • This is the point where all of the hard work pays off and you will hopefully have a satisfied client
  • I’m going to discuss both the technical and practical sides of delivering your visualization
Delivering files
  • We live in a world designed to deliver files
  • Sharing in the ‘cloud’ is recommended with sites like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and more
  • I recommend using at least two different methods in case one doesn’t work or is blocked by IS
  • I also try to upload the video to YouTube so that the client can instantly see it without waiting to download it
  • Don’t only do YouTube as the client won’t have the actual file to use for burning to DVD, adding to powerpoint or further manipulating
  • Pictures can be delivered via email
  • Sometimes you will be asked to deliver via Sharepoint or FTP so make sure you follow instructions
Delivering the experience
  • If possible, I try to share the original video in person to see the reaction, see what they notice
  • Always be clear on what is a draft and what is the final version
  • Always ask if you can share the work publicly
The 3rd Deliverable
  • In 3D visualization there are typically two deliverables: pictures and videos
  • I like to also add what I call the third deliverable: the experience
  • This is where I work with the client to review the model in real-time using software like InfraWorks or Lumion
  • Clients enjoy this experience and it allows them to see their project in a way it has never been seen
  • This is easier in person but still possible remotely via Skype or other screen sharing software