Announcement: Civil FX Studios is Now in Business

It has been nearly three years since I realized that I wanted to some day start a 3D visualization company and a day hasn’t gone by since then that I haven’t thought about it. The years since then has been a continual process of learning, patiently waiting, working towards my engineering license, making contacts and carefully preparing the seeds of a business. During this time I was blessed to be under the employ of several incredible companies and always attempted to be true to the commitment I had made with each of these companies.

For this reason, most of the planning of Civil FX Studios has taken place in my own mind rather than attempting to build up a clientele and team while working for someone else. This website has been the furthest of my efforts and, as of yet, has mostly been a platform where I have discussed 3D visualization and software at high levels to educate and inspire- and also to not create any conflicts of interest with my employers. The Civil FX brand is still in its infancy, but in it I have attempted to plant the seeds of a larger vision.

I have had different ideas of when I would be ready to make the leap and work on building the company and team full-time. Some of those dates have come and passed while others are still in the future.

Well, last week the day came, unexpectedly. It wasn’t something I was preparing for but the realization came to me quickly and finally made sense in the context of where I was in my career and with my family. It was extremely difficult, especially in consideration of the exciting team and projects I was working on at the time.

But sometimes decisions can’t be quantified and on my 30th birthday I unexpectedly made the decision to leave my current employer and finally start the 3D visualization team I had been working towards for years.

Civil FX Studios is what I will call the team I am building as it is the intersection of my education and experience in civil engineering with my passion for 3D modeling and special effects. We will provide premium 3D visualization and animation services to public agencies, construction contractors, legal teams, consulting firms and more. We will continue to push the boundaries on what is possible, spending both time and money on researching the best and most efficient methods for the high end renders and videos we will be creating for our clients. We aren’t the first or the last firm that will be created to offer these types of services, but I believe that we will quickly be a leader in 3D visualization in our local community and hopefully spread out from there. Our unique blend of engineering, special effects and video game backgrounds will allow us to model and render in new ways.

If you are interested in working with our team, you can learn more here:

This isn’t going to be easy but I am excited for the adventure and I hope you will stay tuned to see how this journey unfolds.