3D Infrastructure Animation Studio

CivilFX is a 3D infrastructure animation studio focused on creating visuals and animations for projects.

Our services can generally be broken out into three categories: Composited Photo Renders, 3D Animation Renders & Visual Experiences.  Read through each category below and call us for any additional information.  We would be happy to prepare a quote for you based off of your individual project, budget and time constraints.

Level 1 – Composited Photo Renders

A photo composite of a proposed bridge at Symphony Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo renders include taking photos of the project site, modeling the proposed improvements in 3D and rendering with the same view as the photos. Then we blend the images together in photo editing software in a seamless representation of what the project will look like.  These composited renders are incredibly accurate and realistic.

Here are some examples of composited photo renders we have done:
– Symphony Park Bridge Placement
– Project Neon Landscaping Renders Slideshow

If you would like a customized quote for a photo render based on your individual project please contact us at info@civilfx.com or call us at 702-503-3094.

Level 2 – 3D Animation Renders

Animation render showing a proposed monorail extension in Las Vegas.

Animation renders involve identifying what story you want to tell, determining camera paths and then modeling what the cameras will see for the final render.  If you’ve ever seen a 3D fly-through of a proposed project, that fits in this category.

These animations involve creating existing and proposed elements in 3D.  This gives a much more dynamic representation of the project than composited renders can.  These animations can be as simple as flying over a static project, showing a driver’s view of a new intersection or construction phasing of a complicated project.  Because the project and existing elements are already modeled in 3D, it is typically easy to produce static renders and (Level 1) composited renders to use for your project communication.

Keep in mind these animations can require more time and effort than photo composites.

Here are some examples of Animation Renders we have done:
– Tampa Drainage Proposal Animation
– Las Vegas Monorail Mandalay Bay Extension

If you would like a customized quote for a 3D Animation Render based on your individual project please contact us at info@civilfx.com or call us at 702-503-3094.

Level 3 – Visual Experience

Virtual Center, Virtual Reality

Virtual Centers can be a powerful tool in a proposal.

As real-time visualization technology has improved, we have developed new workflows to turn design data into realistic 3D representations of projects. We have learned that interactive visualization is the ultimate design tool. Project Neon was our first foray into this technology, and we were able to turn this $1 Billion+ project into an interactive, accurate and attractive communication tool. As our model progressed we were able to add menus for touch screens, a virtual reality helicopter tour and even a driving experience.

Because we build our Level 3 projects as completely as possible, the possibilities are nearly endless on what we can do with this virtual model. In upcoming projects we are increasing the level of optimization so that they can be fully experienced with a touch  screen on a phone or tablet.

Level 3 visual experiences are very flexible and can also be used to produce Level 2 and 1 graphics. For example, with our Project Neon virtual model we can produce very high image renders in seconds and 4k video renders in hours instead of days or weeks because we use real-time rendering technology. These visual experiences are the ultimate way to communicate a project.

We love producing Level 1 and 2 visuals for our clients and their projects in a way that meets or exceeds industry standards, but our passion and how we are building our team is around Level 3 visual experiences. We feel that this is what sets Civil FX apart from the competition.  Click here for more details about this type of experience.

Here are some examples of Visual Experiences we’ve created for our clients:
– SR-28 (Lake Tahoe) Shared Use Path Virtual Helicopter Tour
– Project Neon Virtual Model Real Time Demonstration

Contact us at info@civilfx.com or call us at 702-503-3094 for a customized quote for your project.