21 – Finding a Job in 3D Visualization

Looking to take your career in a new direction by seeking a position in 3D visualization in civil projects? Join me in episode 21 of the Civil FX Podcast as I go over how you can prepare to get a great position and then grow your career in this exciting new industry.

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  • Updated www.civilfx.com, let me know what you think! (sam@civilfx.com)
  • Learning about deliverables and closing out jobs- not as simple as I had hoped!
  • Trying to network as much as possible by actually going to engineering firm offices, attending luncheons, taking other professionals in the industry out to lunch and attending conferences

[Note: this episode is about finding a job in 3D visualization for civil engineering projects, not architectural other similar industries.]

Preparing Yourself

Different methods of building your resume

  • Formal education in modeling and animation
  • Start with 3D visualization in architecture (job posting on LinkedIn)
  • Become an experienced draftsman in CAD or BIM designer (best path in my opinion)
  • Become civil engineer (not recommended but it’s what I did)

Learning the craft

  • Don’t settle on one software- learn them all which includes CAD, 3D modeling, graphic design, video and audio editing and rendering
  • Not only grow a passion for 3D visualization but demonstrate it as well
  • Go above and beyond in all assignments
  • If a project is only in 2D and you want to model it in 3D, offer to do it on your own time
  • Build your portfolio on the nights and weekends- understand you can’t always use material from your job for portfolio

Hint: Your portfolio is the most important part of this process. It doesn’t matter where you went to school if your work is no good and the opposite is true as well.

Finding a Job

Alternatives for finding a position in 3D visualization in the civil engineering world

  • Make a position, right where you are (this includes managers that have the authority to start a new visualization division in their firm)
  • Work for a large firm that has a smaller visualization division
  • Do everything you can to impress the few firms that focus on 3D visualization in civil engineering
  • Tips for finding a position
  • Start making a presence on LinkedIn right now
  • Network online and in person as much as possible
  • Research the important players in your local 3D visualization industry
  • Be creative – starting a blog, podcast or users group would be great, just like Adam

Growing Your Career

  • Never stop learning
  • Understand that this market is still growing and there might be slow times in the beginning
  • Never stop improving your product
  • Learn from the video game and special effects industries on how to make your visualization better, faster and more organic
  • Always be involved in the growing Civil FX community
  • Never settle, always be pushing your team to produce better results

Image Credit Seattle Municipal Archives