05 – 10 Benefits of Project Visualization

The value of project visualization is real and growing year upon year. It is now not just a luxury to have visualization as part of the design process but, rather, a necessity if you want to have the most support possible from all stake-holders.

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┬áIn the 5th episode of the Civil FX podcast I break down just a few of the reasons why every project needs good visualization. There are many more reasons, but for now I include 10 of the most important benefits of project visualization. So you don’t have to keep notes I have included the list below.

  1. Increased public engagement
  2. Increased stakeholder engagement
  3. Sight distance/shadow studies
  4. Aesthetics
  5. Utility conflict studies
  6. Court case exhibits
  7. Marketing
  8. Constructability
  9. Phasing
  10. Non-technical input in design process

Comment for any benefits I missed!

Image credit to Think3D!