36 – Creating 3D Objects from Pictures (Intro to 123D Catch)

Photoscan technology has me completely rethinking the possibilities of existing world modeling.

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Civil FX Updates

  • The 1st Visualization Challenge ended yesterday (see the results here!)
  • For those who missed this challenge, the next one will start on Feb 1st
  • Starting Weekly Roundup which is the best in 3D visualization from the past week
  • For this reason, I will be moving the podcast to Wednesday so the Roundup can be Friday
3D Objects from Pictures
  • Why would you want to do this?
  • It is possible to pull 3D geometry manually from pictures
  • The most exciting application of picture to 3D is a process called stereophotogrammetry, or photoscanning
  • How photoscanning works (I read this post in the episode)
  • How to capture pictures for a good photoscan
  • Next week we will dive into drones in more depth
  • 123D Catch enables nearly anyone to test this software
  • Other software available for photoscanning (PhotoScan by Agisoft)