Selling an Entire Industry

Most of us have been raised with the belief that sales is gross and salesmen are yucky. The older we get, however, the more we often realize that sales is an important part of our lives if we want any level of success.

This has surely been true of myself and the mission of Civil FX. Every day I am selling myself as a person and my company and our services. If I can’t sell myself and my company, there will be very few people that want to do business with me. While talking to people about investing in my services can be intimidating, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I’m passionate about what I am doing that the conversations are more filled with excitement than they are apprehension.

The interesting part, however, is that I really don’t spend that much time ‘selling’ Civil FX. Unlike more established industries where you spend time making the case of why my company is better than my competitor, 3D visualization in civil engineering is so new that I spend most of my time selling the entire industry. It isn’t so much as “You really need Civil FX over ACME 3D.”, it is more “Your project really needs 3D visualization for a variety of reasons and Civil FX can deliver this service to you at high quality and at an affordable rate.”

To be honest, I like the process to be this way. I don’t look forward to the day when I am tempted to undercut competitors in cost by cutting quality. Where 3D visualization stands now, if I succeed, other 3D viz studios will succeed as well because our services in general will get that much more exposure. Other firms in my industry aren’t competitors but rather partners working together to bring civil engineering and construction into the 21st century with graphics and visuals.

Because the truth is, projects really do need 3D visualization. I know this because I have never provided visuals for a project and heard the project manager or client say “well, that was a waste of money and we will never be doing that again”. Rather, every single time they have mentioned how they want to find a way to use 3D visualization next time in the project. The benefit cost ratio is great and getting better.

Heck, I even wrote 50 reasons why your project needs 3D visualization.

So I hope all of you will join me in selling this entire industry. Projects need 3D visualization and we are standing ready to deliver.

Image Credit: Matt Jiggins