13- Being an Advocate of 3D Visualization

Today I hit the sweet spot- my 3D visualization results exceeded my expectations. This has only happened a handful of times in my career. This episode of the podcast I break character a little as I explain why everyone should strive to do work that they love and how your being a champion of 3D visualization plays a part in that.

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Note: When I say champion I don’t mean be the best. I simply am saying that you need to be an advocate, promoter, salesman. I like the word champion in  that context.

These are my direct notes:

This is a show by a guy that just loves modeling civil engineering stuff in 3D. At first I did it for fun. Then I did it as part of my job. Now I am doing it as my job. If you love your job you will never work a day in your life.

 The sweet spot- Where your results exceed your expectations. Only happened a few times in my short career in 3D visualization and today was one of them. Everyone should strive for this. Maybe it can’t be sustained forever, but the next best thing is being able to meet your own expectations, every time. We are our own greatest critic. If you can satisfy yourself, you clients will be more than pleased.

While I feel like I need 3D visualization because it makes me happy, fulfilled and provides for my family, 3D visualization also needs me. It needs you too. No one is going  to make you do it. You aren’t listening to this podcast because you boss told you to. You don’t watch YouTube videos on the weekends about rendering because your employees want you to.

3D visualization is a passion sport and its growth in civil engineering will depend on pioneers like myself and yourself. You need to be a salesman at all times- not only for your own services but for visualization in general. Perhaps you don’t need to start a blog about it, but making yourself the ‘3D visualization guy/girl’ in a small office is a good place to start. If you already have someone that is better than you, that is an even better opportunity to learn faster than I ever have.

If you don’t feel like championing 3D visualization then maybe it isn’t for you. After all, I’m sure you absolutely love whatever else you were doing before 3D modeling. The worst that can happen is that you end up drawing lines on a screen for the rest of your career. There are a lot of people that absolutely love doing exactly that for decades.

But that isn’t me, however.

And I doubt it is you either.